• JiningHaide Excavator Hydraulic Pump Final Drive Technical Training Session 2019-11-27
    In order to better understand the product type needs of customers in the machinery industry market, and to further strengthen the service experience of the companys business to customers, on November 27th the company organized a training on strengthening
  • Jining Haide Holiday notice 2020-09-30
    Dear new and old customers and all staff of Haide:we will bid farewell to 2019 and usher in 2020, which is still full of opportunities and challenges. Here, thank you for the past year to Hydes support and trust, but also hope that in the new year can con
  • CAT30C Hydraulic Pump R210 Swing Device Shipped——Jining Haide 2019-12-04
    In the winter cold, the weather is getting colder and colder, Jining Haide partners are in this busy "hot sky", in recent times the order volume is increasing, JiningHaide International Trade to ensure that customers at home and abroad receive g
  • 2019 India International Exhibition on Construction Machinery and Technology-HAIDE 2019-11-21
    The Indian International Construction Machinery and Technology Exhibition (EXCON2019) will be held from December 10th to December 14th, 2019. The exhibition is located at the Bangalore International Exhibition Center (BIEC). It is the largest construction
  • What are the differences between hydraulic motors and pumps? 2019-07-15
    The differences between hydraulic motors and pumps are as follows:(1) Hydraulic pump is a device that converts mechanical energy of motor into hydraulic energy, and outputs flow and pressure, hoping for high volume efficiency;Hydraulic motor is a device t
  • ttention to Daily Use of Reducer 2019-07-15
    Daily use of reducer should pay attention to:1. Maintaining the height of the medium;2. Cleaning and irrigation are needed after each operation to ensure that there is no accumulated material in the irrigation.3. The rotation direction of irrigation shoul
  • Sealing Protection Method of Excavator Walking Motor and Pipeline 2019-07-15
    Because of the high water content of ore, when excavator works in the cabin of ore transport ship, the ore slurry is often squeezed into the gap along the guard plate of the walking motor protection box and the through hole of the rubber pipe installation
  • Several Basic Matters to Be Noticed in Excavator Walking 2019-07-15
    Although excavators mainly carry out excavation operations, but the operation of walking is also very important! The following aspects should be paid attention to in the operation of excavator walking:1. Before the excavator starts, it should check the en
  • Top 10 Digging Troubles - What about walking and running deviation? 2019-07-15
    Many friends mentioned that they had encountered the situation of the excavator running off in the course of operation. What is the reason? And how to solve it?1. The movement of the main valve spool of the walking excavator deflection is out of orderWhe…
  • How to do "foot therapy" for walking parts of excavator 2019-07-15
    If the excavator is compared to a person, then the walking parts of the excavator are equivalent to human legs. Therefore, the walking parts of excavator are very important original parts, which need careful maintenance to ensure its good work. Many excav
  • How to reduce the crawler wear of excavators when they walk? 2019-07-15
    The walking part of excavator is composed of supporting sprocket, supporting wheel, driving wheel and rail chain. When it runs for a certain time, these parts will be worn to a certain extent. However, if the idea of daily maintenance, as long as a little
  • Digging Machine Notes: 8 Notices for Walking Operation 2019-07-15
    Walking operation is one of the important operations of crawler excavator. Unlike automobiles, excavators do not mainly run on the road. It is very harmful to the crawler when they walk for a long time. What should excavators pay attention to in the proce