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Storage of Excavator Accessories

The storage capacity of excavator accessories is mainly related to the following factors:

The sealing device used to wet the oil through the function test of the factory

The storage capacity of rubber materials is usually affected by the following factors:

Heat, light, humidity, oxygen, ozone

1. Keep components as free from pressure and distortion as possible during storage. Storage temperature ranges from 15 to 20 degrees C. Relative humidity is about 65%(+-10%). Direct sunlight or strong ultraviolet light sources should be avoided.

2. Ozone-producing equipment (motor, high-voltage equipment) should not be mixed and stored in the warehouse.

3. If the seals are packed in plastic bags, the bags should be free of softeners and should be able to prevent ultraviolet rays. Details of the storage of elastic materials can also be found in the following standards: DIN 7716/BS4F68:2012, MIL-HDBK-695, SAE ARP 5316, SAE AS 1933, DIN 9088.

4. Pressure liquids can be stored indefinitely in containers sealed by the manufacturer because there will be no chemical reaction. If exposed to oxygen, dust or moisture, oxidation and cementing may occur more or less depending on the type of oil and its additives.

5. It is suggested to choose a darkroom with constant temperature and humidity to store hydraulic components. Parts should be stored in plastic bags to prevent dust and long-term air exchange.

Summary: At least one functional test (emergency manual operation, dry connection) is conducted every year to ensure its function. Safety-related components: Functional tests are conducted locally every six months, factory tests are conducted regularly every two years and sealing devices are replaced. When the hydraulic components are stored according to the above requirements, the risk of corrosion is low. Because most of the external components of hydraulic components are covered with protective coatings (galvanized, gas nitrided) or soaked in oil.